Thursday, 10 May 2012

Enlai - A 2 Bedroom Asian Inspired Home

Welcome to Enlai, this 20x30 lot houses a 2 bedroom house decorated in a modern Asian style.

The front garden is minimalist in design, but features a small pond with Cherry tree:

The front porch has an area for sitting and watching the world go by, surrounded by beautiful pot plants:

As you step in through the front door you find yourself in an inviting reception area:

With a door leading to the downstairs slightly more than half bath:

Let's head back through to the living area shall we?  Here you will find a reading area, complete with floor mats and cushions to make yourself comfortable.  Note the bookshelves have been stocked with books and recipes from across the globe, as well as all the skill books available.

And the living area itself:

Behind the Shoji Screens is a corridor leading to the dining area:

And here is the view from the Dining Area through to the kitchen:

Shall we head through the kitchen now?

I should mention that all the white goods in this home have been upgraded to unbreakable, the oven makes improved quality meals and the washing machine has a Clean Polymer Injection system installed.

Let's pop out the back door shall we and have a look at the rear of the property.  We have another bench on the back porch, complete with washing line.

Down the steps is the outdoor eating area:

Which leads to a cosy little garden area for you to sit and contemplate life's big questions. 

 Down this beautiful garden path path you will find the Zen meditation garden:

And here is the whole of the rear of the lot:

Let's go and have a look upstairs shall we, we need to head back through the kitchen and up the U'shaped staircase:

At the top of the landing is another charming water feature:

Upstairs we have the dojo:

Which leads to the skills balcony:

The Master Suite:

Which features not only a luxurious ensuite:

But also a dressing room with front facing views:

Complete with gnome, sorry I mean clothes closet:

The Master Suite also has it's own private balcony:

The second bedroom:

Is also ensuite:

Lastly here are the overheads of the lot:

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Endai. 
This home comes with bookcases fully stocked with books from all over the world, including regional recipe's and all skill books. In addition Enlai is connected to both the Sunset Valley Police and Fire Stations.

You can download Enlai here

This home has been created without the use of custom content but does make good use of the Asian themed sets from the store: 

The other minor pieces are listed below:

List of Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs Installed:

World Adventures
Late Night
High End Loft Stuff
Fast Lane Stuff
Outdoor Living Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Mastersuite Stuff

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