Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Valley House - A Kaela Kreation

Welcome to Valley House.  This warehouse has recently been converted into a custom built office space, housing Sunset Valley Medical Office, a Personal Investigator, a Newspaper Office, a space purpose built to hold conferences and a Paranormal Investigator's office.

Entering into the double height reception space you realise that this is an office building with class.

 Comfortable seating awaits your clients

The ground floor lobby

The hallway from the reception leads directly to room 1.1 the Personal Investigator, complete with it's own small waiting area outside

The office itself is plushly appointed and has all a PI could ever need to advance their career

Next door are the offices of The Valley Times, Sunset Valley's Premier Newspaper

The ground floor executive wash rooms

The second floor of Valley House is dedicated to Sunset Valley Medical Practice, with it's own lobby and reception area

A small area for the children of Sunset Valley to sit and play

Alongside two examination rooms and another wash room

There is a view overlooking the main reception

The second floor lobby is well appointed

The Paranormal Investigator resides in room 3.1, with inventors table and that much needed shower in case of fire!

There is a large conference room

A break room with coffee and tea making facilities

And of course a wash room

The grounds of the offices are well maintained and include a seating area where employees can eat their lunches outside in the pleasant Valley atmosphere and a zen meditation garden for when they feel a little stressed

You can see the fire escape in the photo below

All the utilities have been upgraded to unbreakable, so maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum (including personal computers)

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Valley House

You can download Valley House Here