Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ginia - A 2Bedroom Starter Sized Home

Welcome to Ginia, this 20x30 residential lot has been decorated mainly in reds, pinks and cream.

 You enter the front door into the living space:

Through the first door on your left is the bathroom:

The second door leads to the nursery:

And the final door is the master bedroom:

The rear access door leads to a small courtyard with a chess table and easel:

Here's the overhead view:

And some shots of the exterior at night:

Ginia can be yours for under 25,000 Simoleons fully furnished and is connected to both the Sunset Valley Police and Firestations

Ginia was built using some store content:

List of Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs Installed:

World Adventures
Late Night
High End Loft Stuff
Fast Lane Stuff
Outdoor Living Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Mastersuite Stuff

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