Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Danisa - A 2 Bedroom Mediterranean Style Home

Welcome to Danisa, this 20x30 lot houses a modernised home, tastefully decorated in a Mediterranean style.

This delightful 2 bedroom home boasts a well presented open plan ground floor with kitchen, dining and living areas.  

The Front Porch:

The Entry Way:

The Living Room:

The Dining Room:

The Kitchen:

Here is the stairwell:

And the first floor landing area:

The Master Suite:

The Second Bedroom and En-Suite

As this is a Mediterranean style build, there is also a Nectary:

Note - you may find some wine's pressed by Faith in here.

The balcony off of the Nectary:

That's it for inside the ground floor and the first floor, now let's take a quick tour of the grounds:

The Alfresco Dining Area:

The Utility Area, off of the Kitchen:

A very small Garden area:

And the Grape Garden, featuring perfect quality grapes:

Here are some shots of the house at night:

This home comes with bookcases fully stocked with books from all over the world, including regional recipe's, fishing books, all skill books (except sheet music).  In addition Chara is connected to both the Sunset Valley Police and Fire Stations.

You can download Danisa here

This build uses quite a lot of store content, but mostly from these sets:

List of Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs Installed:

World Adventures
Late Night
High End Loft Stuff
Fast Lane Stuff
Outdoor Living Stuff
Town Life Stuff

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