Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bereswell House

Welcome to Bereswell House, an updated, Victorian built 3 bedroom home with well established flower gardens and an area of perfectly cultivated grapes.

Let me take you on a tour of the house, starting with the exterior entryway:

On entering the house you can see that the previous occupiers have painstakingly restored this home with traditional Victorian features and colour palletes.

Through this archway you can see the sun room / reading room, feel free to have a roam around the bookshelves, you may find some interesting volumes, some from faraway places.

Through the other archway is the main living area.

Now we find ourselves in the kitchen, don't you just adore this deep cerulean blue that has been used in here?  Now just because this is a Victorian home, you won't be lacking any mod cons, all the applicances have been fully upgraded, no toilets, sinks, showers or baths should ever need to be cleaned, you may find that some appliances have even been improved upon!

The dining area is attached to the kitchen in this lovely little extension built on the back of the house.  I wonder if the previous owners left any nectar in those lovely nectar racks?

You can see the outside cooking and seating area through these patio doors, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, we can explore the garden a little later on.

What a curious little hallway, it must have been built when the kitchen extension was added.

Ah, here's the art room, with all the light in here, I can see some Masterpieces being created!

I almsot forgot to show you the laundry and downstairs cloakroom, how remiss of me.  Have a quick look.

Let's go on upstairs now shall we?

Here's the landing, what an amazing use of space, it's almost like another reception room up here, how clever.

Ah, the Master Bedroom.

And a very traditional ensuite.

 Next door is the guest room.

Across the hallway we have a rather cosy office, or it could even be turned into a nursery...  Now if I'm not mistaken I believe the previous owners left a number of skill building books in the office book cases, any thing from cooking to photography if I remember correctly.  And possibly some books on how to catch fish and not just local marine life either, I seem to recollect something about crocodiles and frogs...

Next to the office is the main bathroom, another claw foot tub in here.

And the final room up here is a double room, currently in use as a children's room.  You may want to peruse the bookshelf in here aswell, who knows what little treasures have been left behind.

Ah, now we can head outside, let's start on the patio shall we?

The nectar maker is behind the dining area, complete with love seat.

If you have a green thumb the green house may be of interest to you, the previous owner was quite the fanatical gardened, rumour has it she had perfected the growth of many a plant.

Here's the grape growing area, some perfect vines had just been planted prior to your purchase, might come in handy if you want to try your hand at nectar making.

This path way leads to the walled rose garden.

Further on is another delightful flower garden with a bench.

Another ingenious use of space hides the rubbish bins and washing line down the side of the house.

Here's the well established orchard, complete with Pomegranate, Cherry, Pomelo, Plum, Apple and Money trees.

And the carport.

Now, the previous owner was a tad of a technophobe, so you won't find any televisions, stereo's, computers, game systems etc, but you will find a heck of a lot of books from all over the world, books for building skills, books for helping to catch fish, teaching you how to cook and any other sort of book you could ever find yourself needing.

You can find the link for downloading Bereswell House here

This house was built with the following content installed:
  • The Sims 3
  • World Adventures
  • High End Loft Stuff
  • Ambitions
  • Fast Lane Stuff
  • Late Night
  • Outside Living Stuff
  • Generations
  • Store content.


  1. Kate - your home is lovely. The colors are divine! Congrats on your new blog. Everything looks smashing! KateSterling

  2. W00t - my first comment on my new blog! Thank you Kate. So glad that you like Bereswell House :)